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About Us

I'm in love with all things vintage. From watches to cars to clothing. But there is one thing that I love in particular from back in the day. This one thing that I love actually counts for everything made before the 1980's. This one thing is, what I call, Vintage Quality.

In an age where products are made to only last a couple of years, so consumers will be back and spend money again. It's hard to find quality products, that will last for years and years to come, at a reasonable price.
I've started Noble & Smith to change that.

I'm Maarten and I founded Noble & Smith back in 2016.

The name Noble & Smith is based on nothing special in particular. We don't have an amazing history (yet). So the company hasn't been founded in 1890 in London, if the name made you believe so. 

Noble & Smith has been founded in 2016. With one goal, in particular, bringing back the quality of the past. Noble & Smith always makes me think of these two fine English gentlemen, properly dressed and with good manners. It's what I strive to bring back to today's market.

Quality and timeless designs.

Join us in writing our own history.

- Maarten