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Welcome to our world.

Our story

Our story begins in a small village in The Netherlands called Denekamp. This is the home base of Les Noble and where I, Maarten, am born. I've lived here all my life. 

I started Les Noble because I believe products can be better, can be high quality and can still look stunning without breaking the bank. 

So there I was, at the age of 18 starting my own company, working on my dreams. Setting goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. After a year (somewhere in 2016) things finally got off the ground with the first real product, our watch roll
All the people who bought it helped me on my journey to establishing a brand. For which I am forever gratefull. 

So here we are in 2017. Releasing new products and ready for the next chapter of our journey, a journey of which each and everyone of your is part of.

Thank you.

Our journey.

Les Noble strives to bring you products of the highest quality possible, while not breaking the bank. I call it classic quality, products that last. 

When crafting, packing and shipping these products I always keep the environment in the back of my head. I want to leave our next of kin a world as we enjoyed it.

Help me achieve my goals.

I am Maarten, the owner of Les Noble and I thank you for your endearing support.